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I did what I never expected to do in Glitch: banned someone from my street & blocked them from chatting with me.

So there's this guy. (Has very male-sounding name; I'm calling him a guy.) And he's been hanging out in Trade wanting free or cheap artifact pieces, and pestering people for artifact pieces.

As in, "would you give me that Spork as an end-of-the-world present?" And, "do you have any rares?" Ick.

Annoying, but not a problem. So his gameplay doesn't match mine, shrug.

And then he hangs out on my street, knocks on my door to ask to come in (no), keeps IMing me about trades/sales/gifts I'm not going to do with him even if I had anything he wanted (other than "anything valuable"). I considered kicking him out, but he's not doing anything wrong. And I don't want to get in the way of anyone's ability to enjoy what's left of Glitch, no matter how little it matches how *I* enjoy Glitch.

And then... Someone in Global is trying to complete a quest. Needs to harvest potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, carrots. I'd let her harvest my carrots a while ago, and planted the other three for her. (She told me not to bother; she'd find them somewhere. But it's not like my little garden is doing anything *else* right now. And what, I'm gonna save guano for tomorrow?) She came back to get the other three veggies... and Mr Nuisance was there, asking her if she had rare artifact pieces, and did she want to buy his mirror piece, and...

I booted him from my street. He can enjoy all of Glitch he can stand, somewhere else. I've got a high tolerance for nuisances, but I'm not letting them get in the way of someone else's fun.

Especially some level-18 Glitch who might've joined a month ago, who's trying to finish quests during the last 14 hours Glitch is active. And then I thought...

I love how even the ban-this-dude people in Glitch are just minor nuisances, not horrific asshats. I've blocked several people in Global... all for overspamming. (One for a rules violation. But it was a nuisance-type violation; filling up chat with a single word repeated over and over so nobody else can talk.)

Gonna miss this game SO DAMN MUCH. Please, someone tell me there are other games, or will be other games, where the community is as supportive and the asshattery as low. I've never played an MMORPG before; I've listened to people's comments looking for somewhere else to go, and now I think I'm afraid to try any others.
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