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Floor 7 will, once I finish acquiring some more Storage Display Boxes, sell various plant beans (wood, gas, cherry, etc.) and herb seeds on the cheap.

In other news, the 'Giant Love' floor is almost complete - we now have all but an icon of Tii assembled there for your convenience of worship. Note this means that [personal profile] jjhunter is collecting emblems of Tii for iconizing, and will be redistributing other emblems much more freely from here on out.


ETA: snapshot from Nov. 23:

Glitchwidth, floor 7: Herbarium & Beanery


Current needs at Glitchwidth: beans, vapor, allspice, jellisac, guano, $FancyDrink.

What are your current needs or wants in-game? Is anyone collecting emblem sets for their own iconizing?


Featured contributor: Melon-y, who single-handedly restocked almost the entire Pub floor earlier this week (including a truly staggering number of ice cubes).
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