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A comment on the current words & deeds love meme this morning reminded me of how much I've appreciated the Glitch-related words & deeds of various members of this community. Let's find each other on the meme and share some of our favorite Glitch-related memories.

From that old Glitchwidth subscriber poll, a reminder of who's who (alphabetical by Glitch name):

Altheav ([personal profile] althea_valara)

Apolline ([personal profile] ninetydegrees)

Chorok ([personal profile] troisroyaumes)

Eris Lord Freedom ([personal profile] elf)

freerangefatty ([personal profile] cme)

gwaihiril ([personal profile] gwaihiril)

HKSquared ([personal profile] hkellick)

jjhunter ([personal profile] jjhunter)

j00j ([personal profile] j00j)

Kareila ([personal profile] kareila)

Lassarina ([personal profile] lassarina)

lazulisong ([personal profile] lazulisong)

LinnesetFox ([personal profile] foxinthestars)

s.h. ([personal profile] ghost_lingering)

Sasha Feather ([personal profile] sasha_feather)

Schlapperplapper ([personal profile] acari)

Siljamus ([personal profile] siljamus)

Yvi ([personal profile] yvi)

Zippit ([personal profile] zippitgood)

zvi ([personal profile] zvi)

If someone doesn't have a love meme thread yet, consider starting one for them.

ETA: a version of this post has been cross-posted here at [community profile] glitches_of_ur.
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