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I stayed on the forums until they closed. Played one last (text-based) Game of Crowns. Discovered the Glitch Archive WP site (very very new; has plans; just started today).


I'm not done yet.

I want ways to bring Glitch out of the internet. I want a Glitch tabletop RPG. I want a purple room with a meditation orb and the meditation music at the push of a button. I want recipes for Awesome Stew and Birch Candy that I can make on my stove. I want to carry Sparkle Powder in my pockets. I want emblems of the giants as cookie cutters, and a shrine to Cosma on my roof, and a bobble-head bureaucroc on my desk at work. I want my Alph robe, even though I think of myself mostly as a lemming, because I like it more than the lemming robes. I want a Firebog Wall Cabinet for my keys and a Purple Journey Beanbag. I want stories of Ilmenskie Jones and Gwendolyn. (Probably not together. Please.) I want a poster of a smiling-face moon and a children's book of The Greedy Street Spirit.

I want to go leaping for quoins in Madhur Hathur, but since I don't get that, I want all these other things.

(I do not want a pet piggy. And I have raised chickens in the past; grain is not what they produce when you squeeze them.)

I already have my maroon-headband-with-lavender-flower and a disco ball. It's a start.
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