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I was clearing out my vast collection of stickies lurking on my desktop, and came across one for Glitchwidth-related things. Contents include recipe for 10-slot goodie bag to give away to newbies, outdated key to the Come & Go Room floor, and the text I added to Glitchwidth teleportation scripts.


3 Butterfly Lotions
1 Random Kindness (20/20)
40 buns
1 Spice Plant Bean
1 Egg Plant Bean
1 Chicken Egg
1 Piggy Egg
1 Teleportation Script to Uncle Friendly's

old Come & Go Room key:
From the left:
- Ancestral Lands
- Get Out Of Hell Free (because anyone can go to hell, it's getting back out that's tricky)
- the top of the Other Drop (go down to Liminiski Caverns, up to Uralia)
- Jal (swim with the fishes!)
- Nottis (land of spontaneous ice cubes)
- Uncle Friendly's Emporium (best pricing for oils, honey, beer, and other essentials anywhere in Glitch)

Glitchwidth teleportation script text:
Script to Glitchwidth, a community space run by the Dreamwidth group. Features include a machine shop, herbarium, all eleven icons, teleportation scripts, and a pub, among others.

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