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...so you should go to Hell. No, really - it's kind of spectacularly fabulous.

4. Die, Expire, Shuffle Off This Glitchen Coil

image of cosy house interior with a little gravestone adorned with white roses

Once a Glitchen day, you can croak of 'natural' causes, i.e. running entirely out of energy. After that, sniffing no-no powder when you still have some energy left or drinking wine of the dead will do the trick. Chose your site of death carefully if you want get a Diabolical Drink Ticket (prerequisite for purchasing wine of the dead) since you will need someone else to mourn or celebrate your grave while you're still deceased.

image of a street in Glitchen Hell - note the dramatic grayscale interspersed with blood red color scheme

If you want to leave, squishing eleven Hell Grapes will do the trick anytime; alternatively, you can use a Get Out of Hell Free card if you want to resurrect with full energy and mood. There are benefits to getting all the way down into the depths of hell, however, with at least one Diabolical Drink Ticket in hand - drinking wine of the dead will restore your ability to jump and properly explore...

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Date: 2012-12-04 08:12 pm (UTC)
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People traditionally go to Cebarkul, Uralia to die. There are always people you can mourn and people who'll mourn you over there.
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