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We're now into the final week of Glitch before the Dec. 9th 8pm PST end of the world. Let's take some time to celebrate what we've enjoyed about it and (re)connect here on Dreamwidth.

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Glitch User Name:
What first attracted you to Glitch? What got you hooked?
Have you specialized your learning/street features/bags/etc. for any particular skill branches? [e.g. cooking, furniture-making, building, etc.]
Do you have a tower? If so, what's neat about it? Would you like help adding floors or building one in the first place?
Do you have anything in excess you'd be willing to trade or give away?
Do you have anything you need or want more of that other people could give you?
Are there any quests, achievements, and/or other goals you're still trying to accomplish before the end of the world?
Have you visited the Vortex of Randomness yet? Are there any regions you haven't visited at all?
Do you practice any skills similar to Glitch skills offline?
What do you think you'll miss the most about Glitch?
Where else can Glitch friends find you online? Are there any other Dreamwidth communities you're active in?
What are your five most frequently used tags on your Dreamwidth posts? Alternatively, pick five words that describe what you post about.
Anything else you'd like to add?
One of your favorite Glitch snaps:

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