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Floor 7 will, once I finish acquiring some more Storage Display Boxes, sell various plant beans (wood, gas, cherry, etc.) and herb seeds on the cheap.

In other news, the 'Giant Love' floor is almost complete - we now have all but an icon of Tii assembled there for your convenience of worship. Note this means that [personal profile] jjhunter is collecting emblems of Tii for iconizing, and will be redistributing other emblems much more freely from here on out.


ETA: snapshot from Nov. 23:

Glitchwidth, floor 7: Herbarium & Beanery


Current needs at Glitchwidth: beans, vapor, allspice, jellisac, guano, $FancyDrink.

What are your current needs or wants in-game? Is anyone collecting emblem sets for their own iconizing?


Featured contributor: Melon-y, who single-handedly restocked almost the entire Pub floor earlier this week (including a truly staggering number of ice cubes).

Date: 2012-11-22 01:21 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] yvi
I just got an emblem of Tii. Can I put it with your butler?

Date: 2012-11-22 07:01 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] elf
My Purple Meditation Chamber is *complete*. I got an Icon of Cosma to replace the emblems. Yay. It may be too complete; I may remove the mushroom wall lamp as "too much clutter.*

I have a Purple Voyage Cabinet that I don't want; it's currently on the bottom floor of my tower for 15k. If any Dreamglitch would like it, I'll happily hand it over for free. (I forget how I got it, but I've certainly had plenty of wonderful freebies handed to me. The only reason it's not priced at 2000 is I don't want someone to grab it and resell it for 20k.) I'd just change it to a different type, but losing credit-value makes me twitchy.

Have put a bag of foods, fancy drinks, and a couple of basic supplies with your butler.

Things I still want in-game:
Visiting badges--the one for 2500 points in IMG in a day (a swarm of glitches mining my rocks & barnacles & harvesting my trees should do it); the one for people visiting my house; the house party one.

Snocone making & eating badges. I can do this on my own; I'm now a millionaire and can just *buy* the 5 kinds and build my rainbows.

Level up some cubimals. This requires other people to compete with. I can supply cubimals if necessary. (I have about 25 of them.) I think my Scion cubi (thanks SO SO MUCH to Bleppo) should get to Level 11.


I have extra emblems for most giants, if people need to make icons.

I had just reached the "wow, I have enough STUFF, can now relax and just enjoy! And share!" point when the big announcement hit. Anyone is welcome to hit me up for resources or teleports or help with quests; while I'm not always available (it's kind of a busy day here for my family, heh), and sometimes I'm caught up in my own projects ("must finish mining this sparkly before the Earthshaker runs out!"), I never mind being asked, and I'm happy to help when I've finished whatever I'm currently doing.

I did the one thing in game that I really wanted to: my Purple Chamber. (And the next: Got to tell Global about it, and have people use it for Purple Voyage trips!) (Free Essence of Purple in my tower.) I expected it to take several months to complete, as I waffled over spending cash for credits and slowly built just the right furniture. Instead, it's done in days, yay, but... I'm rather aimless.

I haven't been everywhere nor done everything, but I've done everything that was important to me. The rest is just "this is interesting," and helping other glitches do what's important to them is a lot more fun than traveling through one more set of dinosaur innards.
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