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We're working hard to complete Glitchwidth before the 12/9 deadline. Please see behind the cut for snaps of the fruit of our communal labors. :o)

Party Lounge (Glitchwidth, 4th Floor)

Giant Love (Glitchwidth, 5th Floor)

(One day those side tables and the spaces in between will display icons...)

Come & Go Room (Glitchwidth, 6th Floor) - alternating wallpaper with teleportation scripts for sale in various display boxes
Come & Go Room (Glitchwidth, 6th Floor)

From the left:
- Ancestral Lands
- Get Out Of Hell Free (because anyone can go to hell, it's getting back out that's tricky)
- the top of the Other Drop (go down to Liminiski Caverns, up to Uralia)
- Jal (swim with the fishes!)
- Nottis (land of spontaneous ice cubes)
- Uncle Friendly's Emporium (best pricing for oils, honey, beer, and other essentials anywhere in Glitch)

Date: 2012-11-18 08:39 pm (UTC)
elf: A purple rook with wings spread; the word "Glitch" above it and "Don't Panic" below. (Glitch - Don't Panic)
From: [personal profile] elf
I can now make all the building supplies except string. (I do intend to pick up fox brushing and fiber arts before the end, but it's not next on the list.)

I am so, so happy there's this terrific community tower so that I don't feel guilty making my tower "things elf likes best about Ur."

Like Purple. I loooove the purple.

Purple Meditation Chamber, with Scion of Purple cubimal and beanbags, a disco ball, gemstones, and free purple flowers and purple essence.

Date: 2012-11-19 06:04 am (UTC)
elf: A purple rook with wings spread; the word "Glitch" above it and "Don't Panic" below. (Glitch - Don't Panic)
From: [personal profile] elf
Ooh, that does look nifty!

And now I need to write them and ask what formats they support and whether they use DRM, because all they say is "Download for your Kindle or iPad!" and I don't have nor want either of those.

DAMMIT. I understand the desire to keep things simple for most readers, but if they're delivering ebooks, they could damn well have a page that says what kind. Epub? Mobipocket? The new Kindle format which are epub-with-Amazon-DRM? The godsawful iBookstore format that sometimes stops working when Apple upgrades its software? (Would they sell books and say "you can read them under a desk lamp or a ceiling lamp?" Or, "they'll fit on a wooden or plastic shelf!" without saying whether they're paperback or hardcover.)

...um. Perhaps I have Srs Thots on this topic, and this is perhaps not the venue for them.

I have finally enrolled in Glitch Academy and am learning skills even when I'm asleep! Also, I'm juggling donations to try to double my learning times; I think I can get all of them before the end, and long enough before that I have some chance to play with them!
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