Dec. 15th, 2012

elf: Silhoette of autumn scene; one glitch sitting on a park bench, another leaping in the air (Glitch - Autumn Day)
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Glitch healed some deep hurts in me that I had forgotten even existed until they were soothed over and gone.

No bad. There was no bad in Glitch. No game mechanics for conflict and rivalry... I don't know how much that created the atmosphere of sharing and helping each other. I just know that I never felt lost or alone in Ur, even as a total newbie who hadn't discovered Global Chat. I wandered around and bumped into things and Stuff Happened (often with rainbows attached), and I collected achievements out of *nowhere* (I'd never played an MMORPG before; had no idea what these things were) and level advancement hit me at random spots for no reason I could discern, and...

I had fun. And I wasn't punished for it. Not even a little bit.

Eventually, I found Dreamglitch, and that was even more awesome )
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