Nov. 15th, 2012

elf: A purple rook with wings spread; the word "Glitch" above it and "Don't Panic" below. (Glitch - Don't Panic)
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1 Take a snap of your homestreet.
2 Get badges. Ask for help in Global if you need it.
3 Help a newbie see some of the awesome parts of Glitch.
4 Visit the newer realms. Catch a salmon in Jal; scrape some ice in Nottis.
5 Spell something fun in Thornfad Layers.
6 Make stacks of food and drinks and leave them around near Subway Stations.
7 Reminisce everything: Gwendolyn's quest in the tower, Eleanor's quest with the Conch, Summer's Day, Winter Walk, Autumn Day, and the Greedy Street Spirit.
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